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Not sure what you are looking for? Trek Transponder has designed its product to suit the requirements of yacht, cruiser and commercial boat owners.  It is not a modified car alarm or modified home alarm, beware of those.

Here is a list of features available with our SM100B model. We have left plenty of room in this list so you can print it and make notes and PLEASE! compare.

Don’t settle for anything less. If  you are looking at a reliable built for purpose remote monitoring boat alarm, you have found it.


  • IP67 Ruggedised reliable,  no external antennas, connectors or fittings to corrode


  • 4G Ready (Free Aldi or Telstra SIM included)


  • SMS or App. (We recommend SMS/MMS – high reliability and low cost)


  • Operate with only 5 single letter commands by SMS


  • GPS Built in  (Geofence alarm – if boat moves outside area)


  • 12V or 24V Operation (tiny 0.05A power consumption at 12V)


  • Inputs for up to two HD colour cameras


  • 4 Battery Monitor Inputs (0 – 40.00VDC)


  • 2 Bilge Float Switch Inputs


  • 2 Inputs for Trek Mini PIR intruder detectors


  • 3 Hatch / Door Entry inputs


  • 2 6V Power outputs for Mini PIRs


  • Dual PIR Feature to cancel movement by vessel


  • Fridge/Freezer Temperature Input: -25 to +105 Deg C


  • 1 Shore Power Input, opto isolated for safety and prevent galvanic corrosion


  • 2 Manual relay output (often used for deck lights or fridge on/off)


  • 1 Triggerable relay output (for siren and blue flashing light)


  • No unreliable Bluetooth sensors needing battery maintenance


  • Can send alarms to 5 mobile numbers


  • Inputs and Outputs can be renamed (ie ENT1 to Saloon)


  • Input OK/Alarm can be inverted (ie NO to NC)


  • Built in Pitch and Roll motion sensor (detects boat listing or high seas)


  • Auto dial will call you as well as SMS you if there is an alarm (wake you at night)


  • Email capable, reports and HD camera images


  • Fully Automatic periodic reporting from hourly to 24 hourly


  • Works with most SIM cards  (global version on special order)


  • Optional External GPS and 4G Antenna option (in case of weak signal area)


  • Optional Bluetooth Interface  (operate when out of 4G range)


  • Optional 90dB Buzzer on-board acoustic alarm (ie for 24 hour bilge and gas alarms)


  • Anchor Watch for cruising


  • Optional expansion to 16 inputs, 6 relay outputs, HV lithium batteries + 6 HD cameras


  • Optional NMEA-0183 GPS Output for OpenCPN Chartplotter


  • Optional WiFi Personal Hotspot




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