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The Trek Transponder is an easy to install boat alarm. Minimal connections to boats batteries and monitoring devices are required. Installation can be achieved by a suitably skilled boat owner. Many inputs can be renamed to suit your boat (ie Entry1 could be renamed Saloon), and OK/Alarm logic on many inputs can reversed by simple command. (That means an input can be changed from NC to NO for example or Shore Power should be on to Shore Power should be off). Trek Transponder offers great flexibility at install time.

Alternatively Trek Transponder has partnered with marine electrical installers around Australia who will be pleased to carry out installation for you.

Trek Transponder on board your boat can be connected to many common sensor devices including:

  • Reed switches (detect hatches and doors opening). A variety of sizes and shapes, connected to Trek Transponder by two wires. Many can be installed in series.
  • PIR Detectors (detect a person moving). 
  • Gas and smoke detectors (detect smoke, poisonous or flammable gas). 
  • For bilge monitoring common N.O. float switches
  • Sirens/flashing lights available from Jaycar and Altronics can also be connected, Trek Transponder provides a 30V 5A relay for this purpose.

Cameras are a specialized low power type and are supplied by Trek Transponder when SM100A model is ordered.

Call us for pricing on a system to suit your boat on +61 (2) 8078 6905, or email us. Speak to the experts.

Manuals and documentation are available on request. NOTE! Any Trek Transponder documentation not supplied by us. Documents not dated 2021 are obsolete and will not cover latest models and features. Call us for copies of current documentation anytime.

You can also click a tab to see wiring suggestions.

The following documents are available from Trek Transponder, call us to get free copies on +61 (2) 8078 6905.

The documents are in PDF format and you will need PDF reader to open them. If you don’t have PDF reader, you can download it from ADOBE for free. Please click here to go to the website and download PDF reader.

  • Trek Transponder Quick Start
  • Trek Transponder V4 Quick Usage Guide
  • Trek Transponder Representative Wiring Guide
  • Trek Transponder Wireless Sensor Installation Guide
  • Trek Transponder E100A Data Sheet
  • Trek Transponder S100A Data Sheet
  • Trek Transponder SM100A Data Sheet
  • Trek Transponder V4 Command Guide
  • Trek Transponder Manual V1 R4
  • Trek Transponder Marine PIR Data Sheet
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