What can I monitor with the Trek Transponder?

Depending on model up to four battery banks 12V or 24V, bilge float switches, security sensors, shore power, fridge,  boat location, gas and smoke detectors, sea conditions and two security cameras.

Model SM100 is standard with 3 axis accelerometer allowing you to monitor your boats motion – pitch and roll. This is especially handy if your boat is in an exposed location as an early warning of possible anchor drag.

Can I send an SMS to my boat any time to see whats happening onboard?

Yes, you can send a status command to see all your monitored inputs (which are bilge, security, batteries etc) or specific commands to watch particular things such as bilge or security and the SM100 model can send you pictures from 2 cameras.

Does the Trek Transponder need a special SIM card or data SIM card?

No, an ordinary SIM card will work fine. We supply an Aldi SIM which uses the Telstra network with every unit so you can get your boat safe without delay.

Does the Trek Transponder communicate by Internet or WiFi - what about Apps on my phone?

Ever seen that circle going round and round while the Internet is stuck? You dont need that when your boat is in trouble.

We found Internet slow and unstable compared to SMS.  A pretty App on your phone is no use if the Internet is down. Worse still, if you try to use a system relying on an App, and you dont have a phone with the App on it, you cant check you boat! Do you really want to install an App on your partners phone, the marinas phone, your kids phone! No thanks. SMS is quicker, easier, cheaper and smarter.

The famous and well known internet video calling company Skype summarizes why the Internet and Apps is an expensive bad choice for a boat monitor with their disclaimer Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can’t be used for emergency calling. They cant guarantee the Internets reliability and we agree. That’s why Trek Transponder is fast reliable 4G SMS.

Why is Trek Transponder the best in its class?

Thats easy. Trek Transponder is the fastest, easiest to use and best featured marine monitoring system on the market today. Offering 2 high quality cameras that let you see whats happening on your boat, IP67 industrial case, connection to most common sensors easily, operates down to 8V so even if battery is very flat still alerts you, extremely low power use (0.04A wont touch your battery), operates up to 32V so surges wont hurt it, supplies constant 12V to sensors REGARDLESS of battery, 30V 5A output relays that have muscle and brilliantly easy SMS operation – no expensive subscriptions!

Does the Trek Transponder send an alarm every time an alarm condition occurs?

Yes, if you enable an input for 24 hour watch. For example you can leave the bilge monitor fuction on 24/7 so if you are asleep onboard you are protected.

Otherwise if an alarm condition occurs on an input you get one SMS alarm message for that particular input. This is to prevent your phone being overrun with messages. However if you issue the “Arm” command and the alarm condition recurs you will once again get an SMS alarm message for that input. If you are worried about missing an SMS you can enter your same mobile number up to 5 times in the Trek Transponder Add Number function and you will get that number of SMS messages for an alarm.

Can the Trek Transponder send alarms to more than one number?

Yes. The Add Number function lets you enter up to 5 mobile phone numbers. If an alarm condition occurs all the mobile phone numbers entered will get a copy of the alarm SMS.

Are the SMS expensive compared to an Internet Subscription?

No. Enormously cheaper. All Trek Transponders shipped within Australia are supplied with an Aldi Prepaid Mobile SIM. Aldi use Telstra’s extensive 4G Network. Using that SIM and selecting Aldi’s PAYG $15 plan, your cost is $15 prepaid per year and each SMS is 0.12c deducted from that.  Of course if you prefer another mobile network and plan you can simply switch plans or SIM cards.

What about installation, can I install it myself?

If you are familiar with basic wiring and can use a multimeter probably yes. Wiring the Trek Transponder to the boats batteries and sensors is straight forward.  However we have a list of preferred marine electricians who can do the job for you if you prefer.