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Find out what you need to protect your boat. Call +61 (2) 8078 6905 and we can help.

We’d love to hear from you.

Trek Transponder is Australian designed and manufactured by the team at Mechatronics Unlimited Pty Ltd, Station St, Dundas in Sydney Australia.

Or please email your enquiry to:  info at trektransponder dot au  (there is no .com)

For tech support, upgrades, repairs and new installation assistance email:  techsupport at trektransponder dot au  (there is no .com)


Service support: Trek Transponders have a 1 year warranty and if repairs are necessary within that period they are free provided that unit has not been misused or damaged. After that period a flat rate repair charge of $180 applies – unless the unit cannot be repaired.

If necessary pack unit very well (without back shell which is attached to boat) and send unit to Trek Transponder, PO Box 1106, Dundas, 2117

Trek Transponder

Monday-Friday: 9 am-5 pm

Station St   Dundas  NSW  2117 Australia

02 8078 6905
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