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Examples of boats protected by Trek Transponder are are the precious vessels at the Australian Maritime Museum, the classic Brigantine Windeward Bound,  Government work boats, commercial work boats and dozens of private yachts, cruisers and tour vessels. One of them should be yours. You can order one today. Call us on 61 (2) 8078 6905 to check what system would suit your boat. Please read some of our reviews:


60ft Alden Schooner
I was initially draw to the Trek Transponder as there was not any on  going fees or 3rd party monitoring contract, it all simply runs on a prepaid mobile phone SIM card and will work anywhere in the world on the local Mobile network with a local SIM.
I called Trek Transponder with a few questions and the before sale service and help was great, it really put my mind at else if I had an issues in the future, after ordering. I received the Trek Transponder very quickly with a full instruction book where every possible question is answered in a simple and easy to understand way.
I installed my  Trek Transponder myself  and it was a breeze with the detailed easy to understand instructions, every aspect of the unit and the command and programming process has been really well thought out and is simple to use only needing to send SMS text mesages to the Trek Transponder unit.
I now have more confidence in leaving the boat on a mooring and even on anchor with the features of the Trek Transponder.
12m Cruising Cat – Replacement for Old 2G Alarm
I bought the Trek alarm  for several reasons including:

It was an easy retrofit for an alarm that I had on the boat that no longer worked because the 2G phone system had been turned off. I was able to use the existing deck sensors and infrared detectors. I also prefer to use hardwired sensors and detectors over wireless units as there is no need to remember to replace batteries.

The alarm was also the only one I could find that sent alarm messages to my mobile phone without any ongoing monthly monitoring fees or need for an Internet connection.

One feature I really like is the ability to turn the alarm off and on remotely. If I know that I’m having a tradesman going out to the boat I can switch the alarm off for him and then back on when he’s finished his work without having to leave home.

The installation and operating instructions for the alarm are really good compare to other electronic systems I have worked with and the telephone backup from Tony is great as he really knows his product. My boat is a 12 metre cruising catamaran that I mainly use on Pittwater.
Bertram 33 Flybridge Cruiser on Deep Water Mooring

I looked at many units on the market before choosing the Trek Transponder.

The boat is located on a deep water mooring so I rely on solar to keep my three independent power supplies charged. With 1 text, I am able to view the voltage in each battery and see what voltage the solar is inputing. I have confidence should the pumps fail that the high water alarm will send a text to not only me but my brother who is also able to monitor and use the full functions of the system. I am able to view the images out of the 2 cameras & determine if the boat is sitting straight on the mooring or have an image of the intruders should they trigger the alarm. There is the added bonus of being able to send a text to turn on the deck lights to view the boat from shore at night during stormy weather or get off the boat at night without having to be in darkness.

The system has alerted me to low battery voltage which was traced to a fault in the solar input. Being able to stay on top of potential problems gives peace of mind particularly during periods of bad weather.

Most other units on the market I researched have ongoing monthly fees on top of the sim data plan. They require WiFi to access their systems. Having different moored boats over a 40-year period I know the most worry and concern happens in times of bad weather. Can you be sure that you will have a WiFi connection when you most need it?

I am very happy with the Trek Transponder. It is a no frills, easy to use, reliable boat monitoring system. If you choose to purchase as I did, you can be assured that Tony has provided great after sales service that is rarely seen these days. 

Beneteau Oceanis 400

Installed my Trek SM100 late 2018 as an alarm just in case someone gets on board but more so to monitor the batteries, bilge etc.

I’ve got a script set up on my phone to get a report from the Trek each morning. Gives me voltage on the house and starter banks and what’s coming from the solar cells. Also confirms the bilge is dry and that the boat is still on the mooring (Distance From Home). I get a photo from each camera too, just for peace of mind.

I’ve only ever had the one false alarm when the GPS signal went a bit haywire and said the boat was 175 metres from the mooring. I was able to get my daughter to drive by and confirm that was an error. I use the Trek to turn on the fridge a few hours before we get on board and when we have a storm I sometimes check the Sea state.

Wiring it all up took a bit of planning and a few hours to get things tidy and out of sight but in the end, pretty simple really.

Been very happy with the peace of mind the Trek gives, would be happy to recommend it.    

54ft Cruising Yacht
I purchased a 54 ft cruising ketch four years ago. As I started fitting her out with new electrics and expensive fittings, I suddenly became anxious knowing how easy it would be for a thief to take their time and completely gut the boat out or even steal the whole boat.
I originally was after an alarm to tell me whether or not there had been a break in on my boat. What, Tony provided was above my expectations and thankfully he went above and beyond when after care was needed. With all the features and information simply displayed on my phone and the best of all , you only need a sim card to be active….. cheap as !
I know that sometimes when reading these testaments, you may think it’s a hard sell……. but I would truly pay double for this unit, I’m that happy with it.
I am so glad to have discovered Trek Transponder and now enjoy peace of mind knowing that should I have a problem, I’ll know about it straight away.
Riveria 38 Flybridge

My boats kept in a pen with unfortunately easy public access. Sometimes I came down to boat and found rubbish cans and bottles on back deck indicating someone unknown had been onboard. Then I found someone had tried to force saloon door.  On another occasion my shore power extension lead was stolen letting my batteries go flat and fridge and freezer fail with huge mess leaked over saloon floor. Since installing the Trek Transponder I was notified by SMS twice that my shore power had failed and was able to fix it before the freezer melted. On another occasion drunk individuals got onboard and triggered the PIR on the back deck so I got an SMS.  I was able to come down to marina and move them off. Trek is a great unit.

87 Horizon
I run a 87 Horizon in Townsville. We  recently installed the Trek system to our vessel. The vessel is kept in a ready for sea condition including bait and food.
Prior to Trek we would have to check, shore  power connection, bilge, security,  refrigerators etc every other day to prevent waste and expensive clean up and repair.
The system monitors have given me, the owner and crew  peace of mind knowing the vessel can be left anytime and anywhere that mobiles work.
I can recommend this system to anyone with a boat.
Ps Knowing when a trades person has attended and left the vessel when checking invoice hours has been a bonus.
My beloved Hutton 24 would have sunk on its mooring

My beloved Hutton 24 would have been a bottom dweller if it hadn’t of been for an SMS bilge alarm sent by the Trek.

The bilge pump failed and I didnt know. Until an SMS bilge alarm sent by the Trek Transponder.

A fantastic piece of kit!

Trek Transponder protects against vandalism on river mooring

I purchased a Trek Transponder SM100 to protect my small yacht at a river mooring after experiencing a vandalism attack. I installed the Trek myself, which was daunting to me as I am a non-electrician, but I simplified the task by testing the system on a bench, and then installing it in a basic configuration, and then expanding it.

A big advantage to installing it myself is I am now comfortable to alter and expand the system in future. Adding components is quite straightforward. Since Tony designed the Trek he had excellent answers to all my questions.

So far the Trek is working very well for me. It is surprisingly fun being able to remotely obtain photos and data about my boat whenever I wish. That is an unexpected bonus, in addition to the primary purpose of the system which is monitoring, notifying me and enabling some remote assessment in the event of a problem. 

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