Boat Alarm and Marine Security Systems for

Australian and New Zealand vessels

A boat alarm or marine security system is essential for private and commercial boats in Australia and New Zealand to reduce unexpected maintenance costs or costs due to theft.


  • The Trek Transponder is a high quality Australian marine security system with cameras which monitors your boat and alerts you to problems on board by fast SMS directly to your phone. This allows you to fix the problem before it becomes expensive.


  • Trek Transponders HD cameras make Trek Transponder highly effective allowing you to see whats happening on your boat remotely – vital when there is an alarm. With no Apps or plans. Only prepaid SMS and MMS.


The S100A and SM100A series of boat alarms are small, low power, easy to fit and monitor:


  • HD cameras
  • One to four batteries
  • solar panel
  • shore power
  • security sensors
  • bilge float switches
  • refrigeration
  • location
  • pitch and roll
  • vessel listing
  • anchor watch


  • Trek Transponder boat alarms can send a report and photo from your boat to you on demand or can send periodic status reports or photos to you fully automatically, from hourly to 24 hourly.


  • Boat alarms must be reliable in a hostile environment.  Trek Transponder marine security systems are ruggedised IP67 construction and are designed without lithium batteries for optimum safety on board.


  • Insurance can often be reduced by fitting a boat alarm on your boat.  Trek Transponder series of boat alarms and marine security systems have been approved for this purpose.