Boat Alarm and Remote Marine Monitoring Systems

With Optional Marine HD Cameras

Designed and Manufactured in Australia

A remotely monitored boat alarm or marine security system is essential for yachts, cruisers and commercial vessels.

They reduce unexpected maintenance costs on board your vessel and reduce risks to the environment and other vessels that you may be liable for.

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Trek Transponder on your boat Sends alarms and photos to your mobile phone when theres a problem on board

Remotely monitored boat alarms automatically send alerts to you when problems on board are detected. So you can fix them before they become serious, expensive or escalate. You can also check on your boat any time.

Trek Transponder is an advanced technology, ruggedised remote boat monitoring system – with optional HD cameras.  HD cameras are an invaluable option – you can see whats happening on your boat remotely with your mobile phone.

Common problems a Trek Transponder warn you about include:


Bilge pumps failing flooding or sinking the vessel

Shore power or solar battery charging failing ruining batteries

Inadvertently leaving electrics ON in vessel, ruining batteries

Intruders on board stealing property or damaging vessel

Gas/fuel leaks causing fire

Vessel moving when it shouldnt – leading to collisions/grounding or stolen

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You can Use SMS or App on your phone. We recommend SMS/MMS for low cost, speed and reliabilty.

(Click here to see examples of messages from Trek Transponder)


Straight out of the box Trek Transponder can monitor your boats:


  •   Optional HD cameras 
  •   One to four batteries
  •   Bilge
  •   Shore power charging
  •   Security, doors, hatches 
  •   Deck Sensors
  •   Solar charging 
  •   Refrigeration
  •   GPS Location
  •   Pitch and roll 
  •   Vessel listing
  •   Fire and smoke sensors
  •   Anchor watch

Trek Transponder boat alarms can send an alert, or report, or photo of your boat to your phone:

  • When a problem on board occurs
  • Whenever you want to check your boat
  • Periodically,  from hourly to 24 hourly

Trek Transponders can also call you. For insurance and maintenance records, Trek Transponder can also email you a continuous record of all activity it sees on board your boat

Click here to see a Check List of Important Features for an Effective Remote Monitoring Boat alarm.  

Trek Transponders are used by hundreds of private and commercial yacht and cruiser vessel owners around Australia. The Australian National Maritime Museum, Port Authorities around Australia such as TasPorts, CGL and BHP rely on them. The reason is they work to minimize cost, risk and keep boats safe.

Click here to read reviews of Trek Transponder from cruiser, commercial and yacht owners.


Trek Transponders are designed for the marine environment and are a ruggedised IP67 composite material design avoiding electrolysis and corrosion, and have no exposed connections that will deteriorate. Advanced mobile phone technology is built in to completely eliminate external antennas which add to installation issues and cost.

Beware of modified car alarms marketed as “boat alarms” often in metal cases unsuitable for marine environment, heavy on battery current and lacking basic features such as safe opto-coupled shore power input, pitch and roll (listing) monitor and many more.  (Click here to read further). Beware of yearly subscriptions that trap you into never ending payments.

Take the first step  – check out the cost of a Trek Transponder to suit your boat. Click here and send a message to the Trek Transponder team in Sydney. Let us know type of boat and whether its on a mooring or in a berth. We will let you know suggested model and cost. Once installed you will know whats  going on on your boat anytime. Invaluable.

Americas, UK, Europe orders dispatched by DHL at cost, NZ orders dispatched by EMS free, or can be sent by DHL at cost – ask us for price.