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Gas Detector (LPG)


The GK601 gas alarm is a wall-mounted gas alarm designed to detect combustible and toxic gas or vapors. The GK601 gas alarm output relay contacts are normally connected directly to the Trek Transponder.

When the gas concentration reaches its preset alarm limit the detector provides a visual (LED) and a loud audio alarm (70dB beeper) to alert those onboard. The Trek Transponder is also triggered at this time sending you, and up to 5 other mobile phone numbers, an alarm SMS. An early alarm gives you the opportunity to open hatches and windows and shut off gas supply to avoid disasters including fire, explosion and suffocation.




Working Voltage: 12V (powered by Trek Transponder stabilised 12V output)

Alarm Level:          10% of the LEL (Lowest Explosion Limit) in the air

Environment:        0DegC – 55DegC   Humidity<95%

Response Time:     <30 seconds

Alarm Output:       Visual, Audible (>70dB)  and relay contact to Trek Transponder

Indications:          Alarm light, Fault light, Power Light

Weight:                    300g

Dimensions:           135mm x 82mm x 41mm


Button:                    Yes

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