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Trek Transponder’s smart (Click here read why) Australian made marine remote alarm monitor and security systems connect you to your boat via fast reliable 4G SMS text messages and optional MMS Full HD camera images on your phone. 

(MMS is the image version of SMS).

You also have the option of streaming data to a graphical App on iOS or Android phone. This requires a monthly plan, SMS does not. We recommend SMS/MMS, simple, reliable, nothing is installed on your phone and no ever increasing subscription required.

Trek Transponders are a single self contained unit, ruggedised and IP67 so highly reliable. No unnecessary cables, corroding connectors and expensive modules all over your boat.  An internal connector strip allows simple direct wiring to cameras, float switches and other devices to be attached through water resistant cable glands.

No annoying batteries to replace and dispose of hurting our environment. No unreliable Bluetooth toy sensors that work one day and don’t the next day. Simply a reliable, ruggedised IP67 monitoring system.

Once installed and running Trek Transponder scans bilge, GPS, batteries, shore power, security, pitch/roll, fire/smoke and all other sensors once per second.  If there’s a problem on your boat Trek Transponder will alert you by SMS, Email and phone call.  

Or you can send an SMS text message to your Trek Transponder on your boat and get an immediate reply to you commands. Installation is straight forward by yourself (if you have sufficient skill and experience)  or marine electrician. Click here to check installation.

The GPS position check of once per second is important. Unbelievably some “boat alarms” only check this once every 30 seconds. That delay can make the difference between a collision and no collision.

Trek Transponder monitors the angle your boat is floating at in the water (pitch and roll or “listing”) once per second. This will give you an alert should your boat be grounded or take on water and list and acts as a back up to bilge monitoring.

Trek Transponder features a 24/7 function for alarms you never want to turn off.  For example bilge and gas alarms. To use this feature simply send SMS text command to the Trek Transponder specifying which alarms should never be disabled

Shore power input of the Trek Transponder is opto-isolated for safety and eliminating galvanic effects due to grounding and sea water. Unbelievably some “boat alarms” are not opto isolated here making them at best poor and at worst dangerous.

Don’t wait until a problem costs you expense and annoyance. Protect your boat now.  (Click here to order your Trek Transponder.)

 Click here to see examples of SMS text commands.   

You can see your boat any time in full HD, check bilge is dry, batteries charged, shore power is on, location is right and are the doors and hatches closed – any time. You will feel great knowing your boat is OK instead of wondering. Vessels with Lithium main battery banks can add the MX-040 Multiplexer Module to monitor their temperature with up to 5 temperature sensors for early warning of issues.

If you fit a Trek Transponder with cameras they have IR (infra red) lighting for night. As darkness falls at a programmed light level this lighting is enabled. IR lighting is invisible to the naked eye.  If your boat is on a swing mooring you can use the camera power saving mode. In this mode the cameras and IR lighting only turn on if an alarm occurs or if you remotely command them to send you images

Access to your Trek Transponder can be secured by sending the Lock Number SMS text message command. If you send this command then the Trek Transponder will ignore SMS text messages from all numbers except yours unless you unlock it.  Alarms will still be sent to all 5 numbers in your alarm notification list.

Advanced features and options include Email event logging, NMEA Output for OpenCPN Chart Plotter, time stamped incident reports, automatic periodic Status reporting (heart beat), automatic phone calls on alarms, low signal alert, battery loss flare, Signal K and Starlink satellite option. Signal K allows upload of Trek Transponder data for fleet management.

Call us in Sydney if you would like copies of manuals, installation guides or data sheets on +61 (2) 8078 6905.

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