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Space Guard is an advanced sensor allowing you to detect intruders on your boat BEFORE they might attempt break and enter or theft, with invisible sensors using the “near field” effect.

Space Guard can effectively “see” through fibreglass, GRP and timber with an adjustable sensitivity of 1m to 3m. Space Guard is rugged Polycarbonate IP67 construction.

This allows the the Space Guard to be hidden under a cockpit or back deck floor, inside bulk heads or walls to watch your boat for intruders.

When Space Guard detects an object (intruder) moving larger than the size you have set it will trigger your Trek Transponder to send you an alert. or camera images.

Range: 1m to 3m adjustable

Operating Voltage: 10V to 30V

Power consumption: 40mA (0.05A)

Size: 115mmx90mmx40mm

Case Integrity: IP67

Output: NC Solid State Relay

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