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I looked at many units on the market before choosing the Trek Transponder.

The boat is located on a deep water mooring so I rely on solar to keep my three independent power supplies charged. With 1 text, I am able to view the voltage in each battery and see what voltage the solar is inputing. I have confidence should the pumps fail that the high water alarm will send a text to not only me but my brother who is also able to monitor and use the full functions of the system. I am able to view the images out of the 2 cameras & determine if the boat is sitting straight on the mooring or have an image of the intruders should they trigger the alarm. There is the added bonus of being able to send a text to turn on the deck lights to view the boat from shore at night during stormy weather or get off the boat at night without having to be in darkness.

The system has alerted me to low battery voltage which was traced to a fault in the solar input. Being able to stay on top of potential problems gives peace of mind particularly during periods of bad weather.

Most other units on the market I researched have ongoing monthly fees on top of the sim data plan. They require WiFi to access their systems. Having different moored boats over a 40-year period I know the most worry and concern happens in times of bad weather. Can you be sure that you will have a WiFi connection when you most need it?

I am very happy with the Trek Transponder. It is a no frills, easy to use, reliable boat monitoring system. If you choose to purchase as I did, you can be assured that Tony has provided great after sales service that is rarely seen these days. 

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