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Installed my Trek SM100 late 2018 as an alarm just in case someone gets on board but more so to monitor the batteries, bilge etc.

I’ve got a script set up on my phone to get a report from the Trek each morning. Gives me voltage on the house and starter banks and what’s coming from the solar cells. Also confirms the bilge is dry and that the boat is still on the mooring (Distance From Home). I get a photo from each camera too, just for peace of mind.

I’ve only ever had the one false alarm when the GPS signal went a bit haywire and said the boat was 175 metres from the mooring. I was able to get my daughter to drive by and confirm that was an error. I use the Trek to turn on the fridge a few hours before we get on board and when we have a storm I sometimes check the Sea state.

Wiring it all up took a bit of planning and a few hours to get things tidy and out of sight but in the end, pretty simple really.

Been very happy with the peace of mind the Trek gives, would be happy to recommend it.    

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