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I purchased a 54 ft cruising ketch four years ago. As I started fitting her out with new electrics and expensive fittings, I suddenly became anxious knowing how easy it would be for a thief to take their time and completely gut the boat out or even steal the whole boat.
I originally was after an alarm to tell me whether or not there had been a break in on my boat. What, Tony provided was above my expectations and thankfully he went above and beyond when after care was needed. With all the features and information simply displayed on my phone and the best of all , you only need a sim card to be active….. cheap as !
I know that sometimes when reading these testaments, you may think it’s a hard sell……. but I would truly pay double for this unit, I’m that happy with it.
I am so glad to have discovered Trek Transponder and now enjoy peace of mind knowing that should I have a problem, I’ll know about it straight away.
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