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I bought the Trek alarm  for several reasons including:

It was an easy retrofit for an alarm that I had on the boat that no longer worked because the 2G phone system had been turned off. I was able to use the existing deck sensors and infrared detectors. I also prefer to use hardwired sensors and detectors over wireless units as there is no need to remember to replace batteries.

The alarm was also the only one I could find that sent alarm messages to my mobile phone without any ongoing monthly monitoring fees or need for an Internet connection.

One feature I really like is the ability to turn the alarm off and on remotely. If I know that I’m having a tradesman going out to the boat I can switch the alarm off for him and then back on when he’s finished his work without having to leave home.

The installation and operating instructions for the alarm are really good compare to other electronic systems I have worked with and the telephone backup from Tony is great as he really knows his product. My boat is a 12 metre cruising catamaran that I mainly use on Pittwater.
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