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I was initially draw to the Trek Transponder as there was not any on  going fees or 3rd party monitoring contract, it all simply runs on a prepaid mobile phone SIM card and will work anywhere in the world on the local Mobile network with a local SIM.
I called Trek Transponder with a few questions and the before sale service and help was great, it really put my mind at else if I had an issues in the future, after ordering. I received the Trek Transponder very quickly with a full instruction book where every possible question is answered in a simple and easy to understand way.
I installed my  Trek Transponder myself  and it was a breeze with the detailed easy to understand instructions, every aspect of the unit and the command and programming process has been really well thought out and is simple to use only needing to send SMS text mesages to the Trek Transponder unit.
I now have more confidence in leaving the boat on a mooring and even on anchor with the features of the Trek Transponder.
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