E100 Simple Boat Alarm System


No Front Panel Indication (Status LED inside)

Simply connect to your boats batteries, add a bilge float switch, plug in any common SIM card and this unit is immediately monitoring your boat and can send alarms to your phone and up to 5 others. This model Trek Transponder can also call you if there is an alarm in case you are worried about sleeping through an SMS or are in a noisy environment.

You can also add a PIR or door switches to monitor security and any compatible siren/flashing light.

This unit can also remote control one device of up to 5A, such as deck lights or a fridge.

  • 1 Solar Input
  • 2 Battery Input (12V or 24V)
  • 1 Bilge Float Switch Input
  • 1 PIR Input
  • 1 Entry Input
  • 1 Manual relay output (often used for deck lights or fridge on/off))
  • 1 Triggerable relay output (often used for siren)
  • Auto dial will call you as well as SMS you if theres an alarm
  • Works with any common SIM card

* Specifications subject to change due to ongoing development.

*  Trek Transponder is not a substitute for proper boat care and maintenance but is an aid!