All Trek Transponder models are designed and made in Australia, ruggedised IP67 and come with 2 year warranty and English instruction manuals. Also extensive local technical support is available to help you install, operate and get the best from your unit online and by phone.

Popular models are listed below.

The E100 model is a low cost unit with limited features. Suitable for “mooring minders” and when a budget is tight.  It would typically monitor a battery, bilge and a single access point such as a hatch or storm board.

S100A and S100A-NFP often suit small cruisers or yachts on a mooring with solar charging, two batteries, intruder sensors, location, pitch/roll and listing added to monitoring.  If your boat breaks off its mooring or your batteries start going flat you will know.

SM100A and SM100A-NFP are fully featured adding monitoring for four battery banks – over and under charge, shore power and more extensive security monitoring, and are commonly used for bigger cruisers, yachts and commercial vessels on moorings or in berths. These two models also offer HD cameras as an option and can be further expanded with a Multiplexer option providing more extensive monitoring for commercial vessels such as tour boats and fishing boats. Call us on (02)  8078 6905 if you are not sure and need more information.

You will not find a marine monitoring system as fully featured as the Trek Transponder on the market today. If you want to look after your boat compare our features below:


Model and Feature GuideE100S100AS100A-NFPSM100ASM100A-NFP
Automatic 12v or 24vYYYYY
Front Panel IndicationYNYN
Rename Inputs & OutputsYYYYY
Inputs selectable NO or NCYYYYY
Solar InputsYYYYY
Number of Battery Inputs22244
Number of Bilge Sensor Inputs11122
Movement Detector Inputs11122
Number of Entry Inputs12233
Fridge InputYYYY
Shore Power InputYYYY
Number of Manual Relays11122
Number of Triggerable Relays11111
Arm/Disarm key switch input YY
Number of Cameras 640x48022
Number of HD Cameras 1920x108022
Mux Expansion (adds 4 Cams 16 inputs, 4 relays)YY
Call on alarmYYYYY
Low Signal Alert
Email enabled
Anchor WatchYYYY
Bluetooth OptionYY
Battery Loss Flare OptionYYYYY